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Precise product photography that increases sales


Product photography and staging

Compelling product photography needs to make the product feel tangible. It’s about capturing the essence of the brand within the products, with crisp, accurate editing, 360-degree views and colour correction, making them identifiable online and on the shelf.


Food photography and staging

Photographing food is about more than just the plate itself. It’s about creating atmosphere with lighting and props that are consistent with your brand, while using colour to enhance the look and texture of the food.


Fashion photography

Compelling fashion photography makes wearable items accessible to every body shape, from jewellery to shoes, jeans and scarves. You want your customers to imagine themselves wearing your products. 


Catalogue photography

Your images are vital to the success of your catalogues because unlike online stores, you’ve only got one image to compel people to buy. When you work with me you get engaging, accurate and persuasive photos customers will love. 


Lifestyle and action photography

Planning is the key to getting the best action and lifestyle photographs and this is where my technical expertise is an asset to you. I use lighting, camera techniques and space to produce influential photographs for your lifestyle brand.  


eCommerce and Instagram photography

Brand is front and centre of your Instagram photography because it’s about more than just your products. When we work together, you get my experience to help you showcase your products’ benefits within real life settings to increase sales.

Proven, professional product photography

eCommerce and Product Photography Sydney

Precise, engaging and compelling photography is at the heart of every successful online store. But it’s much more than that.

Professional product photography has been proven to increase sales. Without the ability to engage with your products in person, your customers need imagery that enables them to buy with their eyes.

My images are proven to enhance your brand with crisp, accurate photos that build trust. My product photography includes personality-driven props, staging, 360-degree views and high definition close ups to give your customers the opportunity to imagine your products in their hands. 

eCommerce product photography Sydney

With more and more shoppers turning to online stores for convenience and price, your brand and product photographs are integral to your marketing strategy. 

Build your business with professional product photography that:


Looks distinctive and on brand

Connecting with customers by sharing your personality and values


Increases conversion

Through crisp and compelling high-quality eCommerce photographs


Builds trust and connection with customers

Propel your brand with influential imagery that sets you apart from your competitors 


Increases search and social mobility

Compelling, SEO optimised images can increase traffic and sales from search engines 


Accurate with 360-degree views, and high-quality close ups

Enable customers to engage with your products and commit to buying with their eyes 


Professionally lit and meticulously edited

While smartphones and editing apps are getting more sophisticated, the difference in quality is noticeable.

Precise photography meets colour science

Brand recognition is an important part of your product photography, meaning the imagery you use needs to be precise. Your logo and packaging need to match real life – and your products need to be recognisable – online, in the catalogue and on the shelf. 

This is where my precise, perfectionist’s eye and understanding of colour science pays off. After the shoot, I enhance the look and feel of your images to ensure your products are punchy, persuasive and powerful. 

Sydney’s best eCommerce product photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim for many years now. Without exception, Tim has accommodated us, even on the tightest of deadlines, always with excellent results… and with a smile! Michael Eisen

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