Tim Wheeler, Photographer North Sydney 

Built on a solid foundation of over four decades experience, Wheeler Studios has grown from my continuing desire to take the most compelling photographs for my clients.

I’ve invested my life in my photography, as well as thousands of hours in technical training and editing. My work is a fusion of my lived experience behind the lens, a precise perfectionist’s eye and commitment to continual growth. 

I’ve relished the opportunity to train and become a CASA Certified, licenced drone pilot – honing my skills and specialised expertise. I love a challenge and haven’t yet come across a job that’s too big or too difficult for me.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim for many years now. Without exception, Tim has accommodated us, even on the tightest of deadlines, always with excellent results… and with a smile! Michael Eisen

Plan B Creative

Driven by innovation and possibility 

Experience has taught me that the best photographs come from a combination of preparation, research and technical knowledge. When we work together, I dedicate the time and research to your project to make sure the lighting, weather and environmental conditions are perfect, to ensure you get the most powerful and compelling shots. With the added advantage that elevation and drone photography provide, I can achieve that interesting perspective you’re after. No challenge is too great.

Precision at its best

Every photographer has their style, and mine is about precision. I strive to exceed your expectations with meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of how colour science and psychology work together to create influential images. Whether it’s a corporate headshot, an architectural feature or product packaging, every image I produce has a bigger story to tell. It might convey a bigger brand narrative and vision or product ethos; and perhaps hint at experience or personality in order to connect with its intended audience. My results are punchy, persuasive and powerful – and guaranteed to get results.

Tim is a genius. I tell him what I want and he turns it into something better. We’ve worked together for years and he never disappoints. Within Tim, our business wouldn’t be sensational.

Lindy Newton

Whitelaw & Newton

Understands Big Brands and Small

When you invest in professional photography, you invest in your brand’s future. At Wheeler Studios, I blend skills that only lived experience behind the camera can teach you. My precise perfectionist’s eye and technical expertise gets you the best professional photographs every time. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations and get you the results you deserve.

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Agency and Campaign Photography

Architectural and event photography

Corporate photography and headshots

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Photography Workshops and Training

If you’re a photographer looking to deepen your technical, shooting and editing skills, join me in my photography class at The Australian Centre for Photography.

Or get in touch if you’re interested in private training and tutoring.

Professional Photography Sydney

Drone photography and video

Ecommerce and product photography

Corporate headshots and brand photography

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CASA Certified, Licenced Drone Operator

Certified under the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), with a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), I can obtain authority to fly and shoot where you need me to.

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